What to Bring

  1.  Housing- tent or camper and bedding
  2.  Solar Showers- no shower facilities exist at this campground,  there will be port-a-potties
  3.  Drinking Water- nearest potable water is 3 miles away
  4.  Food- personal meals for the week and something to share with  the group for potluck on Sabbath
  5.  Camp Chairs- everyone provides their own seating during tent  meetings
  6. Appropriate Attire- warm jacket for the cool evenings. It is not unusual to get rained on as well, so bring an umbrella!
  7.  Outdoor Recreation Items- horses, ATV, 4×4, hiking boots, fishing  gear, canoe, etc.
  8.  Insect repellant, Sun screen

If you are bringing horses, there are several things to keep in mind:

  1. You must provide a way to confine your animals (corral panels, electric fence, etc.)
  2. Feed must be certified weed-free
  3. There is a creek and reservoir for water


Be prepared for high altitude (+9,000 feet). If you are from low elevation, bring medications, such as aspirin, to relieve symptoms of altitude sickness. You may also find some helpful information about Altitude Sickness here.

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